" companions will leave the party if approval ratings are too low, similar to Dragon age: Origins, and it is possible to only have one companion remaining in the end. It’s also possible for the companion to betray the Inquisitor depending on the choices made by the player. "



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Worst feelings in the world



  • Failing a test you studied really hard for
  • Getting replaced in a friendship
  • Getting ignored 
  • Having something that you’re looking forward to, get cancelled
  • Having to fight back tears in front of people
  • Finding out that the person you like, likes someone else
  • Goodbyes
  • Showing your parents something you’re proud of only to get a disinterested reply

That last one always breaks my heart.

Anonymous asked:"Do you believe in horoscopes and the zodiac much?"

Yeah I do. There is a sense about each of them that do ring true. So yeah i do.

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"The righteous stand before the darkness, and the Maker shall guide their hand."

—Cassandra Pentaghast


If you’re intimidated by me, go on anon and tell me why

I misplaced my favorite ring… So i went and ordered another from amazon. But i feel so bad i fucking lost it. *rolls around with feels of guilt.*


Dear internet, I present you life-sized model of Link made from paper, expansion foam, blood, sweat and buckets of tears. 

It took me over 3 years, but at last, it is finished.

He has a sword too, but it is too heavy to put in the sheath and too long to put in his hand (I have a small room).